Now, you can enjoy your usual mealtime foods and work on your weight loss goals - at the same time!*

The Original  Green Leaf Brand Dieters' Herbal Drink is  100%  natural herbal diet tea.  Use the  Dieter's Herbal Drink  to help reduce or maintain your desired weight. Enjoy weight loss without depending on harsh drugs or hard-to-manage diets.*

Eliminate the "Yo-yo Dieting" Syndrome.

Trying to lose weight by reducing food intake or curbing one's appetite with harsh drugs results in many people experiencing the "Yo-yo Dieting" Syndrome. Lose five pounds, then gain back ten pounds. Lose two pounds, then gain back fifteen pounds. Original Natural Green Leaf Brand Dieters' Herbal Drink  is a 100% Natural, Herbal Dieter's Friend.

How does the Original Natural Green Leaf Brand Dieters' Herbal Drink work?

Food such as regular ice cream, fried chicken, butter, red meat and cake typically contain lots of fat.

Original Natural Green Leaf Brand Dieters' Drink helps fasten the passage of this fat-laden material through the intestines, to reduce fat absorption.

If, for instance, you take in a total of 2000 calories per day and 30% of this is in the form of fats, that's 600 calories per day from fats. If you do not absorb 30% of these fat calories this means a reduction of 180 calories per day. At this rate of caloric reduction per day you will have lost one pound at the end of 19 days. *

* Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not inintended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Senna alexandrina, courtesy of

Cassia alexandrina

Malva Verticilllata, courtesy of

Malva Verticillata    

Diospyros kaki, courtesy of

Diospyros kaki 柿子

Carica papaya, courtesy of

Carica papaya

Stevia rebaudiana

Original Natural Green Leaf Brand Dieters' Drink:

Recommended use:

  • Use a fresh tea bag each time you drink the tea.  
  • Steep the bag in a cup of boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Cover the cup with a lid or dish or such.  
  • The tea must be warm to drink (If you need to sweeten it, use a small amount of honey).

Original Natural Green Leaf Brand Dieters' Herbal Capsules:

Recommended use:


Important notice: You may experience extra bowel movements during the first or second day after starting to use it.

WARNING: This product contains Malva verticellata (Chinese Mallow) and Cassia anguvstifolia (Senna) herbs. Read and follow directions carefully. Pregnant and nursing women, children, the elderly, and individuals suffering from any illness or health condition should not consume these capsules. Do not use capsules if you have or develop diarrhea, loose stools, or abdominal pain. Consumers are urged to consult a licensed physician prior to using this or any herbal supplement.


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