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Prestige Chinese Teas Company, Inc.

Original Green Leaf Brand Dieter’s Herbal Drink uses a proprietary blend of natural herbs which enables weight adjustment to achieve desired weight.

Dieter's Herbal Drink


"This short letter is to commend your great product "Herbal Dieters' Drink." My mother swears by it. She says this is the best tea she has ever tried. And because of her comments, she now has over 10 of her friends drinking this tea."

Marilyn, Rochester, NY

Original Green Tea


I could really taste a difference. I tried many brands of green tea, and there was no other tea that had the body, freshness, and taste that Extra Strength Original Green Tea has. And it made me feel really good!

Jason, Daly City, CA

Cholesterol Support


"I have been purchasing Lin-Chi Tuocha Yunnan Tea. . .for years. I love the tea."

Cindy, Bel Air, MD

Healthy Skin

E-T30CAP - EC2 Herbal capsules - promotes healthy skin.

General Health


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